CCMH Reporting for Counseling Center Advocacy

Monday June 20th CCMH released a Reporting Template to its members that allows users to compare their local data to CCMH National Averages. This new template will compliment existing reporting tools created by the group, and precedes greater reporting initiatives to come.

The CCMH Advisory Board, as well as the Business Team collaborated and created the Reporting Template in response to CCMH member feedback about the needs of their centers and the field. Based on membership feedback CCMH realized there is a growing need for a clear and concise way to easily and accurately report data to administrators, staff, faculty, parents, and students. The Reporting Template allows for a granular level view of a center’s data alongside comparison to CCMH National Norms. Graphs in the template show trend data over several years for several types of Mental Health Distress and will give insight into how these trends have changed over time. The Reporting Template can be used in conjunction with the CCMH Data Navigator as well as other CCMH Data Standards and reporting tools. CCMH is hopeful that the Reporting Template, as well as other already existing CCMH tools and projects that are in the works can help meet the growing reporting needs of college and university counseling centers.

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