CCMH and Healthy Minds Network Collaboration

CCMH is excited to announce the collaboration with the Healthy Minds Network (HMN)  launch for Spring of 2017. HMN offers survey-based studies to colleges and institutions to assess prevalence of mental health concerns, service utilization, and academic outcomes on college campuses. For more information check out the HMN website:

The CCMH/HMN survey will allow participating counseling centers the unique opportunity to directly compare their general student body with their counseling center population. This type of comparison can be particularly helpful when advocating for resources. The survey will utilize the CCAPS-34 and select Standardized Data Set (SDS) items in addition to the HMN standard and elective modules. To view modules check out the  2016-2017 HMN Questionnaire. Additional benefits of participation are listed below:

Benefits of participation:
1) Customized data report with comparisons to the national sample
2) Access to the online data interface
3) Customized economic case for mental health services on your campus
4) Contribution to CCMH norms

Interested in participating? Check out the Healthy Minds Study’s participation page or download the CCMH/HMS Participation Manual.

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