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2016 Annual Report

The 2016 Annual Report summarizes data contributed to CCMH during the 2015-2016 academic year, closing on June 30, 2016. De-identified data were contributed by 139 college and university counseling centers, describing 150,483 unique college students seeking mental health treatment (a 50% increase over last year); 3,419 clinicians; and over 1,034,510 appointments.

The 2016 Report includes important highlights on what’s happening in college student mental health including the impact of the increasing demand for mental health services on college campuses, the most common mental health concerns for students, reasons why students terminate treatment, and more.

Previous Annual Reports:


CCMH strives to bridge the gap between science and practice. One of the ways that this is accomplished is through clinically informed research. Below is a comprehensive list of CCMH publications that utilize CCMH’s Practice-Research-Network model.

In Press

  • Bartholomew, T. T., Lockard, A. J., Folger, S. F., Low, B. E., Poet, A. D., Scofield, B. E., & Locke, B. D. (in press). Symptom reduction and termination: client change and therapist identified reasons for saying goodbye. Counselling Psychology Quarterly
  • Bartholomew, T. T., Perez-Rojas, A. E., Lockard, A. J., & Locke, B. D. (in press). “Research doesn’t fit in a 50-minute hour”: The phenomenology of therapists’ involvement in research at a university counseling center.Counselling Psychology Quarterly.
  • Kawamoto, A., Youn, S. J., Bartholomew, T. T., Castonguay, L. G., & Locke, B. D. (in press). Inter- and intra-group differences in presenting concerns among international students. Counselling Psychology Quarterly.


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  • McAleavey, A.A., Youn, S.J., Xiao, H., Castonguay, L.G., Hayes, J.A., & Locke, B.D. (2017) Effectiveness of routine psychotherapy: Method matters. Psychotherapy research, 2-17.
  • Scofield, B.E., Stauffer, A.L., Locke, B.D., Hayes, J.A., Hung, Y., Nyce, M.L., Christensen, A.E., Yin, A.Y. (2017). Examining the relationship between students’ contact with counseling centers and long-term educational outcomes. Psychological Services, 14, 461-469.
  • Xiao, H., Carney, D.M., Youn, S.J., Janis, R.A., Castonguay, L.G. Hayes, J.A., & Locke, B.D. (2017). Are we in crisis? National mental health and treatment trends in college counseling centers. Psychological Services, 14, 407-415.


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  • Nordberg, S.S., McAleavey, A.A., Duszak, E., Locke, B.D., Hayes, J.A., & Castonguay, L.G. (2016). The Counseling Center Assessment of Psychological Symptoms Distress Index: A pragmatic exploration of general factors to enhance a multidimensional scale. Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 1-17.
  • Nordberg, S.S., Castonguay, L.G., McAleavey, A.A., Locke, B.D., & Hayes, J.A. (2016). Enhancing feedback for clinical use: Creating and evaluating profiles of clients seeking counseling. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 63, 278-293.


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