CCMH Webinars

Live Webinars

Topic: CCMH: A Practice Research Network

Date: Monday 11/6/2017
Time: 12pm EST
Duration: 60 minutes
Description: CCMH is a grass-roots effort among university and college counseling centers aimed at meeting the changing needs and demands of the field of college student mental health. This webinar will provide an overview of CCMH as a Practice-Research-Network (PRN) discuss the mission and goals of CCMH, and describe how these goals are accomplished.

Recorded Webinars

Topic: CCAPS Training Webinar

Duration: 60 minutes
Description: Webinar recorded by Ben Locke to train clinicians on the use of the CCAPS instruments.
Link (members only):

Topic: Standardized Data set: 2017 Updates

Duration: 21:55
Description: Overview of the summer 2017 updates to the Standardized Data Set.

Topic: CCMH Reporting Tools: Making Data work for You

Duration: 60 minutes
Description: Overview of CCMH’s aggregate reporting tools including the CCAPS National Comparison reports, the Data Navigator, Talking Points Template, and the collaboration between CCMH & the Healthy Minds Network.
Link: Recording coming soon!

Topic: IRB & Data Uploading: How-To

Duration: 60 minutes
Description: This webinar will provide an overview of how to contribute data to CCMH including review of IRB materials and data contribution configuration settings.
Link: Recording coming soon!

Topic: CCAPS Center-Level Reports

Duration: 60 minutes
Description: This webinar will provide information on the newly released National Comparison Initial Distress and Pre-Post reports. These reports replace the the National Comparison and Center Wide Change reports that were previously accessible through Titanium Schedule. Attendees can expect a description of each report, guidance on report interpretation, and a Q&A session for specific questions regarding the reports.