CCMH Webinars

Live Webinars


No live webinars are currently scheduled. Contact us if you would like to request a webinar on a specific topic.

Recorded Webinars

Topic: CCAPS Training Webinar

Duration: 60 minutes
Description: Webinar recorded by Ben Locke to train clinicians on the use of the CCAPS instruments.
Link (members only):

Topic: Standardized Data set: 2017 Updates

Duration: 21:55
Description: Overview of the summer 2017 updates to the Standardized Data Set.

Topic: CCMH Reporting Tools: Making Data work for You

Duration: 60 minutes
Description: Overview of CCMH’s aggregate reporting tools including the CCAPS National Comparison reports, the Data Navigator, Talking Points Template, and the collaboration between CCMH & the Healthy Minds Network.
Link: Recording coming soon!

Topic: IRB & Data Uploading: How-To

Duration: 60 minutes
Description: This webinar will provide an overview of how to contribute data to CCMH including review of IRB materials and data contribution configuration settings.
Link: Recording coming soon!

Topic: CCAPS Center-Level Reports

Duration: 60 minutes
Description: This webinar will provide information on the newly released National Comparison Initial Distress and Pre-Post reports. These reports replace the the National Comparison and Center Wide Change reports that were previously accessible through Titanium Schedule. Attendees can expect a description of each report, guidance on report interpretation, and a Q&A session for specific questions regarding the reports.