CCMH is an international Practice-Research-Network that brings together clinical work, research, and technology. CCMH collects data through routine clinical practice from over 600 college and university counseling centers internationally, creating the largest PRN of it’s kind. The mission of CCMH is to create a standardized, continuously flowing database of college mental health data from participating college and university counseling/mental health centers that can serve as a resource for information and research on college student mental health.

CCMH is located at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), at Penn State University.

CCMH Staff

Ben Locke, Ph.D.Executive Director
Brett Scofield, Ph.D.Associate Director
Alaina Cummins, B.S.Research Project Manager
Rebecca Janis, M.S.Research Data Analyst
Jodi WilliamsAdministrative Assistant

CCMH Business Team

Louis Castonguay, Ph.D.Professor of Clinical Psychology
Dever Carney, M.S.Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology
Katie Davis, B.S. Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology
Jeffrey Hayes, Ph.D.Professor of Counseling Psychology
Ryan Kilcullen, M.S.Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology
Natalie Pottschmidt, B.S. Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology
Henry Xiao, M.S.Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology
Fanghui Zhao, B.S. Predoctoral Fellow in Counselor Education

CCMH Supporters

CCMH’s efforts are informed and supported through the active involvement of a diverse array of experts and organizational partnerships. The organizations below have supported with CCMH over time and provide various forms of support including financial, technological, research, and more.

Previous Supporters of CCMH