CCMH Advisory Board

The CCMH Advisory Board directs and advises CCMH initiatives based on expertise and knowledge of challenges, trends, and best practices in the field of college student mental health counseling. Board members serve for three years and provide recommendations on current and future projects, organizational and administrative protocols, and collaborate with the CCMH Business Team. The Board engages in activities that increase the awareness of CCMH’s mission.

2021-2024 Advisory Board Application. 

Who should apply?
All levels of professional staff members from CCMH Member counseling centers who are interested in the intersection of clinical work, research, and technology. We are looking for individuals who are comfortable meeting virtually on a monthly basis, able to contribute and provide feedback in a group setting, and who are passionate about college student mental health. To ensure the board is as diverse as possible, we are hoping to receive applications from a wide variety of counseling centers (small, large, public, private, community colleges, art schools, technical institutions, etc.)

Service period: June 2021- May 2024

What are the responsibilities of being a board member?
Members provide feedback and support to CCMH that will serve the membership as a whole and represent CCMH by educating others about CCMH and the CCAPS.

  • Monthly: The Advisory Board meets monthly for a 1.5-hour Zoom meeting. During this monthly meeting, CCMH staff and the CCMH Advisory Board review Business Team meeting notes, discuss on-going projects/proposals, review/revise policies, and brainstorm the upcoming annual report topic. Board members are expected to review materials, attend, and actively participate in all meetings.
  • Annually: The Advisory Board meets annually for an in-person or virtual 1 ½ day May meeting. During this meeting we reflect on the past year’s projects, discuss CCMH structure/policies/procedures, plan for the upcoming year and review new board member applications.

Recently, Advisory Board members have been involved in major decisions such as: membership fees, piloting new SDS items, renaming the Hostility subscale to "Frustration/Anger", adding COVID-19 questions to the SDS, and revising SDS questions and answers related to Gender and Sexual Orientation. We are thankful for each of our board member's unique perspective and expertise on these important decisions.

Applications are due Friday, April 23, 2021.


Board Member Activities

Advisory Board members provide expert opinion regarding best practices, trends, and challenges within the field of college student mental health to CCMH Staff and Business Team. Members engage in decision making and research to inform CCMH initiatives, data standardization, and reports. Members serve on the board on a voluntary basis and commit to 3 years of service.

Current Board Members

  • Alisia Caban, Ph.D.– Assistant Director, Assistant Clinical Director, University of Oregon
  • Stacey Cahn, Ph.D.– Assistant Director of Integrated Behavioral Health, Rowan University
  • Niki Keating, Ph.D.– Assistant Director, Colgate University
  • Bethany Rallis, Ph.D.- Staff Psychologist, Research Coordinator, Virginia Tech
  • Marian Reiff, Ph.D.– Assessment Specialist, University of Pennsylvania
  • Geneva Reynaga-Abiko, Psy.D.– Associate Director of Clinical Services, George Mason University
  • Michael Pietrus, Psy.D.– Clinical Director, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • Ralph Piper, Ph.D.– Associate Director, Morgan State University

Representative from the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors (AUCCCD)

  • Kim, Gorman, Ph.D.- Director, Counseling and Psychological Services, Western Carolina University (2020-2023)

Previous Board Members

NameUniversityService Years
Susan Han Johns Hopkins University 2017-2020
Peter Leviness University of Richmond (AUCCCD) 2017-2020
Jacqueline Pistorello University of Nevada, Reno 2017-2020
Deb Cohen University of Delaware 2016-2019
Sam Park University of California, San Diego 2016-2019
Tyler Pedersen Brigham Young University 2016-2019
Mark Perez-Lopez University of North Carolina, Wilmington 2016-2019
Ellie Olson Simpson College 2015-2018
John Achter University of Wisconsin, Stout 2015-2018
Richard Tyler-Walker North Carolina State University 2015-2018
Michelle Cooper Western Carolina University 2014-2017
Carolyn Heitzmann Ruhf University of Southern California 2014-2017
Cindy Cook University of Houston, Clear Lake 2014-2017
Ryan Weatherford West Chester University 2014-2017
David Reetz Rochester Institute of Technology (AUCCCD) 2014-2017
Curtis Wiseley Lindsey Wilson College 2013-2016
Nathaniel Hopkins University of Kentucky 2013-2016
Brian Mistler Ringling College 2013-2016
Ariella Soffer Hunter College 2013-2016
Robert Tringone St. John's University 2013-2014
Rob Davies University of Utah 2011-2015
Shelly Lear Hobart & William Smith Colleges 2011-2015
Tim Lane University of North Texas 2011-2014
Bong Joo Hwang The Ohio State University 2011-2013
Larry Marks University of Central Florida 2011-2013
Jan Eaglin-Collins Michigan State University 2010-2013
Victor Barr University of Tennessee, Knoxville (AUCCCD) 2010-2013
Betsy Cracco University of Conneticut 2010-2013
Nivla Fitzpatrick Pepperdine University 2010-2013
Nicole Ruzek University of Virginia 2010-2013
Robin Buhrke Duke University 2006-2011
John Dunkle Northwestern University 2006-2011
Megan Mustafoff University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne 2006-2011
David Rardin Illinois State University 2006-2011
Greg Snodgrass Texas State University 2006-2011
Ian Birky Lehigh University 2006-2011
Greg Lambeth University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne 2006-2010
Johanna Soet University of Michigan 2006-2009
Robert Rando Wright State University (AUCCCD) 2006-2009
Maurice Warner University of Washington 2006-2009
Jean Cunningham Southern Illinois University, Carbondale 2006-2009
Sandra Villanueva Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles 2006-2008