Requesting Data

Note: CCMH Members always have access to their own local data without submitting a request.  Local data is available within your EMR.

CCAPS for Research: Academic researchers interested in studying college student mental health may use the CCAPS for research.  Please complete the CCAPS for Research Request Form below to receive permission and materials from CCMH.


Request a Data Set for Research: Academic researchers interested in studying college student mental health may request a CCMH data for research.  All data is anonymized, and researchers must agree to our data access policy before gaining access to data.  CCMH Members get free and early access to data.  Independent Researchers will be charged $500 per request.  Additional data cleaning fees may apply ($100/hr for non-members, $50/hr for members).


CCAPS Translations:  The CCAPS has been translated into six languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Spanish.  Currently, the CCAPS is being translated into Danish, German, and Turkish.

These translations may be requested for research purposes only.  Translated CCAPS are not permitted to be used for clinical purposes as translations are not normed for clinical use. The CCAPS and SDS are copyrighted property of CCMH. Any translated instrument that is created, distributed, presented, published, or used without the express knowledge and permission of CCMH is considered to be in violation of copyright law.

If you would like to learn more about our Translation Policy, please email