1. How does our counseling center become a member?
    1. Counseling centers and departments can register for membership by completing a membership registration form on our Join CCMH page.
  2. What is the process involved with registering for membership?
    1. Once a registration form is completed,  an invoice will be sent to the primary and billing contacts listed on the registration form. You will receive your CCMH Activation Key and Membership Information when payment is received.
  3. What are the benefits of membership?
    1. A full list of member benefits can be found here: Benefits of CCMH. Some major benefits include:
      1. Unlimited access to the CCAPS
      2. Ability to contribute data
      3. Access to Center-Level Reports and National Comparison Reports
  4. What is the fee associated with membership?
    1. The fee for 2019-202 membership is based on the number of students served at your counseling center and ranges from $400-$500. The billing cycle runs from July 1st-June 30th each year.  Membership Renewal Invoices are sent in May and due in August.  Information about fees can be found here: CCMH Fees.
  5. How can I update contact information for my institution?
    1. If your institution is already a member and you need to update contact information or center characteristics, please send changes to ccmh@psu.edu.

CCAPS – Clinical Use

  1. Where can I find the User Manual?
    1. The User Manual is available to all members of CCMH. The manual is available within your EMR. For exact location, please contact your EMR support team.  The User Manual is also available in the Member Information folder.
  2. Do I need to have an EMR system to use the CCAPS?
    1. You will need an EMR system to use the CCAPS in kiosk mode. For example, if you would like for clients to complete the CCAPS via computer or tablet, and EMR system is necessary for this.
    2. Centers without an EMR system can use the CCAPS via the CCAPS-Web and administer the measures via pen and paper. Once a client completes filling the measure the information would be input either by clinician or another staff person.
  3. What are best practices when using the CCAPS?
    1. Please refer to the CCAPS User Manual.

CCAPS – Use for Research

  1. Can I use the CCAPS for research at my institution?
    1. Yes, you may do so by submitting a request here: CCAPS for Research Request Form
  2. How can I access the CCAPS Measures/User Manuals? 
    1. Once you submit a request to access the CCAPS for research, the CCMH team will reach out to you to address any additional questions.  Once approved, the CCAPS Measures and User Manual will be sent to you via email.


  1. What reports does my counseling center have access to?
    1. All CCMH members have access to the National Comparison Initial Distress (NCID) and Pre-Post reports (NCPP).
  2. How do we access the NCID and NCPP reports?
    1. In Titanium: Go to the reports tab > and select National Comparison Initial Distress or Pre-Post report. Set the report parameters and run the report.
    2. Web-Service users (Medicat, Point and Click, PyraMED and CCAPS-Web): You will access the NCID and NCPP from the CCAPS Scoring Website. An account must be created for you so you can access the report. Only site administrators can access reports.
  3. Does my center have a Data Navigator account?
    1. Titanium Centers: Your center must be contributing data to CCMH for you to gain access to a Data Navigator account.
    2. Web-Service Centers: All CCAPS data is uploaded to the Data Navigator for your center. The primary contact listed with CCMH has access to a Data Navigator account.
    3. The primary contact that was listed when your center registered with CCMH will be sent information regarding Data Navigator accounts. Currently we are only able to create one account per center.

Requesting Data

  1. How can I access data?
    1. Researchers with IRB approval may submit a data request application to access de-identified CCMH data.
    2. Counseling centers always have access to their own local data. How you access this data will depend on your EMR system. Contact your EMR support for further information on how to access your center-level (aggregate) CCAPS data.
  2. What type of data does CCMH have?
    1. Data is contributed by college and university counseling centers. This data is collected through routine clinical practice, and is considered naturalistic data. This data is de-identified, anonymous, and does not contain any Protected Health Information (PHI). Please see our Requesting Data page and Standardized Data Set page for further information about CCMH data.