Member Information

Member-Only Documents

CCMH Member may access the CCAPS 2019 Manual, CCAPS-Screen Manual, CCAPS Training Videos, Annual Report Webinars, PDF’s of the CCAPS 34/62 Instruments, IRB documents, etc. by logging into the Member Information Box Folder.  You will be required to enter a password. If you do not know the password, and you are a CCMH member, please email



The CCAPS-Web is for:

  1. CCAPS-Screen
  2. CCMH Members who administer the CCAPS with pen/paper and need to manually enter responses to the CCAPS 34 or 62 for CCAPS scoring.
  3. EMR users (Point N Click, Medicat, Pyramed) can log-in to the CCAPS-Web to view National Comparison Reports (Pre-Post and Initial Distress).


Data Navigator

The Data Navigator is for CCMH Members to examine national aggregate data for trends and relationships.  CCMH Members can examine outcomes by demographic variables and compare their institutions to peer institutions.  Non-members can login using the (guest/guest) credentials.