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CCMH is a multidisciplinary, member-driven, Practice-Research-Network (PRN) focused on providing accurate and up-to-date information on the mental health of today’s college students. CCMH strives to connect practice, research, and technology to benefit students, mental health providers, administrators, researchers, and the public.

The collaborative efforts of over 750 college and university counseling centers and supportive organizations have enabled CCMH to build the nation’s largest databases on college student mental health. CCMH actively develops clinical tools, reports, and research using this data. 

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New Research Findings

The Relationship Between Experiences of Discrimination and Presenting Distress

Clients who reported any discrimination entered treatment, on average, with higher levels of distress across all areas, with the exception of Alcohol Use. The areas of distress that were associated with the largest increases were Generalized Anxiety, Frustration/Anger, and Depression.


2022 Annual Report


 2021-2022 CLI Distribution  

The 21-22 Clinical Load Index (CLI) distribution has been updated to reflect CLI data from 626 CCMH members. Please visit the CLI Site to learn more about the CLI how to calculate the CLI at your center. 

To see how your CLI compares to your peers, please explore requesting a CLI Peer Report

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