Standardized Data Set

The Standardized Data Set (SDS) is a set of standardized data materials used by CCMH counseling centers during routine clinical practice. Originating from the intake materials of more than 50 counseling centers, the first SDS was created with feedback from over 100 counseling centers in 2006 and 2007 along with guidance from the inaugural CCMH Advisory Board. Since its original development, the SDS has been revised several times to improve individual questions/answers and add new sections of assessment/data collection with the goal of balancing the needs of practitioners and researchers. The SDS contains eight major components, which include demographic questions, and instruments used to collect information related to treatment provided to students receiving services.

SDS Manual (v.12/2023)

Please update your EMR to access the most recent version of the SDS.


  • SDS certified in Point N Click (1/2024)


Please see manual v. 12/2023 for details on each item.

  • Created a new insecurity item
  • Created a new housing item & deactivated the previous housing item
  • Added a new trauma response option
  • Deactivated sexual experiences and sexual attraction items

The different sections of the SDS are:

  • Client Information
  • Provider Information
  • Clinician Index of Client Concerns (CLICC)
  • Case Closure Form (CCF) 
  • CCMH Appointment Categories 
  • Member Registration/Annual Renewal Questions