The Center for Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH) 2022 Annual Report highlighted that Social Anxiety is the area of distress that demonstrated the largest 12-year increase among students seeking services at college counseling centers nationally. Social anxiety has been found to be prominent among college students and linked to mental health problems later in life (Purdon et al., 2001; Schry et al., 2012). Clients with higher social anxiety symptoms utilize more UCC services (Kilcullen et al., 2021; Janis, 2017) and experience stigmatization (Anderson et al., 2015). Thus, it is important to better understand current trends in social anxiety for students seeking college counseling services to provide clinicians and institutions with nuanced information that may inform care and programs. In the current blog, we further explored the trends in social anxiety, including information from clinicians’ assessments, as well as co-occurring problems that are associated with social anxiety. Specifically, the following questions were answered: